"WARNING! WARNING! New Galaga formation detected.-An Alte, Galaga Legions.

Alte are female-type robotic clones built by AGAD. They do not have any real personality or differing features.


Before the onset of the Galaga Legions the Alte were built by AGAD to assist pilots in fights. The Alte were designed especially so that a pilot wouldn't grow attached to one. They were put to use over comms to warn pilots of new formations or direct pilots on new missions.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Alte aren't given any specific personality so that pilots will treat them "like the disposable equipment they are." They all have the same voice, as well as the same way of saying things, and are known for they're trademark "WARNING WARNING" catchphrase.


  • "Welcome! Confirming weapons and mission. Executing G.S.I.!-Alte, Galaga Legions DX.
  • "Galaga Formation detected. Proceed with caution!"-Alte, Galaga Legions.