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GORF is an un-official spin-off title, built by Midway.


The alien knwon as Gorf is attacking the Galactic Orbital Robot Force universe, with his legions of aliens and robots. He has made contact with the G.O.R.F. and taunts them every day. The G.O.R.F. has tried to detect his homeworld only to discover it's a completely different universe. The G.O.R.F. has only one fighter which can enter this universe. The FS-15 Interstellar Space Fighter. It must travel through several alternate worlds, and fight off hostile enemies to reach the universe that belongs to Gorf's empire. Will the robot fighter succeed? Or will all existance fall to Gorf?


The player controls their Galactic Orbital Robot Force fighter in a journey traveling through several universes, one of which being the UGSF universe. It uses a synthesized voice to represent the emporor Gorf who constantly taunts the player. The players goal is to destroy all the enemies in one universe with they're quark-laser then continue to the next. This is the only game of it's genre that gives the player unlimited shots. The movement of the FS-15 Interstellar Space Fighter is Centipede esque.


Astro BattlesEdit

G.O.R.F. takes a ride through the Space Invaders universe. While traveling through the sky the fighter has a run-in with a group of 24 Invaders. The fighter has a shield but the shield goes down when it fires, so the FS-15 has to be careful with it's shots.

Laser AttackEdit

After escaping the Space Invaders universe, the 'bot gets attacked by two groups of five enemies. Each formation consists of the following: Three Yellow Dive Bombers, a White Laser Gun, and an alien of Gorf's species.


The FS-15 enters the UGSF universe, where 24 Galaxian fighters attack it. Basicly the same as Galaxian.(With less enemies.)

Space WarpEdit

The Robot is travling through a warp-wormhole to the next universe for the final showdown with the flagship. But the last of the alien fleet has not been seen! They move swiftly through the wormhole in an attempt to destoy the 'bot before it can defeat they're leader. But they're shots can be disolved easily.


The fighter has reached the alien universe. Now it must destroy the Flagship by chewing through it's shield and, blowing it's core. But watch out for falling parts! As well as destroy Gorf.


  • It was originally designed to be a game Tie-in to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  • A sequel named Ms. GORF with Robotron style gameplay was planned but, scrapped.
  • This is one of the only games in history where the player can earn seven lives from the start.(By incerting 14 quarters.)
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