Galaga: Demons of Death is the 4th edition to the Galaga sub-series.

The StoryEdit

After the original Galaga conflicts, a squad of AGAD Gyaraku runs across a small fleet of Galaga WarMachines. At first the Gyaraku have no problem dealing with the fleet but, then the Galaga bring in their new prototype "Demon" fighter and outmatched the AGAD squad. The Demon's Alpha Missile attack was launched and homed in on a member of the squad. The pilot would've been killed if the squad's captain didn't sacrifice himself. The squad retreats from battle and regroups preparing themselves to fight the new treat. The Demons took them by suprise before but, they won't again!


High Score Game Over Demons Defeated
If the player gets a high score victorious music plays, and the player enters they're initials. A caption saying "THESE HEROES WILL BE REMEMBERED." is seen in some versions. In some versions if the player loses all they're lives then the Galaga armada will fly past the player's position on the screen. After the player defeats the demons they go back to the first level. But when the player gets killed they go to the High Score screen and a message saying "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE DEFEATED THE DEMONS AND SAVED OUR GALAXY!" is displayed. However this is hard to reach.


The game has the player moving at the bottom of the screen and shooting upward at Galaga targets. The game is much more fast paced than the original Galaga due to a smaller space between the ship and the Galaga. the player can(as usual) let a Mid-Boss capture their ship than, re-gain it to get a dual-fighter. If the layer survives long enough they'll reach a stage where five Demons shed a Zako disguise and attack the player with their superior speed, and weaponry.


  • Galaga: Demons of Death is the first Galaga game designed for a console only.
  • Demons of Death is simply called Galaga in the classic dowloads on the Wii Shop Channel meaning that the real Galaga's not there.