Galaga: Destination Earth



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PlayStation, PC, Game-Boy Color, & PSP



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Galaga:Destination Earth'' is the 5th edition in the Galaga sub-series. It was built to celebrate the 20th year of Galaga and is the 4th game to inculde an FPS(First Person Shooter) function.


The Galaga return after the original conflict more powerful than ever.


Along with the Simulator, there are ten levels.

Stage 1:WreckageEdit

Mission Objective:

DSE2's wreckage might still have passengers on it. If any are found then rescue them. And while you at it ELIMINATE ANY GALAGA FIGHTERS UPON SIGHT.

Stage 2:SaturnEdit

Mission Objective:

The Centurion's escape pods have homed to Saturn's rings. Secure them before the Galaga Legions can capture them. If needed activate the automatic defence systems in the rings. And defeat the nearby Galaga fighters.

Stage 3:EuropaEdit

Mission Objective:

The Galaga Legions have stop 3 of the power turbines on Europa. Re-Activate the turbines and mount an assault on the Galaga fighters inside the turbine's tunnels.

Stage 4:MarsEdit

Mission Objective:

The Galaga Legions are hoping to use the fusion drills on Mars as powerful weapons against us. Destroy all fusion drills and showdown with an enemy armada of Galaga ships at a martion pyramid.

Stage 5:The SunEdit

Mission Objective:

The Galaxian fighters are syphoning solar energy from the energy silos in Solarus City. Ambush the Legions in the light fields, destroy the silos, and defeat the remaining enemies on the outside of the city.

Stage 6:The MoonEdit

Mission Objective:

Life-Support systems on the Moon are down and the Moon's defence missles are being set for launch ...towards Earth! Start-up the life-support systems, stop the missles, and have some dogfights in between.

Stage 7:OrbitEdit

Mission Objective:

The Galaga Legions have droped spawning podels in orbit over Earth. Defeat the guard fighters and destroy the podels or they'll launch an invasion stike force. If needed, when flying over the auto-defence deck, dock on to the turret for an extra hand.

Stage 8:Earth Mission Objective:

The Galaga Legions have inhabited Earth and they are absorbing the atmosphere. Destroy the fan generators in the city of Earth as fast as you can.

Stage 9:Planetoid Mission Objective:

The last mission of the game. Destroy the 10 Galaga Hives as quick as possible before we nuke the Planetoid.

Simulator Mission Objective:

This simple simulation is created to help train the fighters to destroy the Galaga. Survive as long as you can; there are no mission objectives.


  • In the training manuel Zol is sometimes misspelled Sol.
  • The title Destination Earth refers to the Galaga Legions in their march to conquest.
  • The game was built to celebrate the 20th year of the Galaga sub-series

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