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Galaga is the second game in the Galaga/Galaxian series and was definetly more popular than it's predicesser Galaxian and has spawned it's fair share of sequels.


NOTE:This game picks-up where Gaplus & Galaxian left off.

The UGSF's Gyaraga fighters have arrived! But so have the Galaxian's re-enforcements. The villains reveil that they are from the planet Galaga and start to attack.(They already stated their plans see Galaxian) Now the armadas are attacking and the 3-5 fighter squads are fighting back! Can you obliterate & drive back the Galaga Legions in the three month war?


There are regular levels(basicly the same as the original Galaxian) and Challenging Stages(Where the Galaga retreat and you gun them down so some can't come back later). Although the game has no ending level there is a bug at the 255th level where you'll get a game over instantly after you pass the stage.

This may be because of the kill screen on Level 256.


  • Galaga has been a big hit among video games having made cameos in movies & TV like WarGames and LOST
  • In 2009 a Galaga Christmas ornament was made.
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