Galaga sub-series
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Namco, Midway, King of the Jungle Ltd., Hasbro Intractive, MicroSoft, and Nintendo

Popular Times:

1980s 2001-2002 2007-Present Day

1st game:



In sequel to the Galaxian series the Galaga series took place right in the middle of the UGSF-Galaga Legions war the games usauly featured a fighter in the Gyaraga class. The feature that made most of the games even cooler was that if your fighter was caught using a tractorbeam and you recovered the fighter you would get twice the firepower they later added new features in the games like dual fighter recovery, dimensional travel, and even your own personal tractorbeam. All together the Galaga games are the best ones in the series!

The BeginningEdit

The first battles fought!

The New AdventuresEdit

New technology makes these games HOT!

Galaga LegionsEdit

Games where the player roams the screen, and destroys everything in sight with the AEf-7 Blowneedle!


Games that cross with any other series.(Especialy Pac-Man.)


  • Galaga has made cameos in TV and movies. In the movie WarGames the star played Galaga in an arcade.Another cameo is in the show LOST where a submarine was named the "Galaga".
  • The Galaga sub-series has been the most popular sub-series in the Galaxian/Galaga series.
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