Galaga Arrangemnet is the 6th edition in the Galaga sub-series. It is a fixed shooter arcade game featured in the 1995 arcade cabinet Namco Classic Collection vol. 1.


The player moves at the bottom of the screen shooting at formation attacks above, idendical to it's predecessor. Like most Galaga games, the game allows the player to have their ship caught in a Boss Galaga's tractor beam, then free it by destroying the Galaga fighter which in turn gives the player a specific powerup.


These are the powerups that can be collected ingame by being captured and then freed from Boss Galagas.

Galaga Fighter

Standard Fighter - This is the fighter that the player is given at the beginning of the game. It has no special abilities. If it is captured by a Boss Galaga, the powerup given will be different depending on what Boss Galaga captured it.

Wide Beam


Wide Beam: Fires wide laser beams that can hit multiple targets at once or help to extend the range of the player, making it easier to hit smaller targets.  This powerup is given by a blue Boss Galaga moth.

Fast Shot

Fast Shot - Allows the player to rapidly fire up to four shots at one time, unlike all other fighters only allowing two shots at once.  This powerup is given by a yellow Boss Galaga butterfly.


Ricochet Shot

  Richochet Shot - The most powerful of all powerups, this one awards the player with the ability to fire three shots simultaneously. The first shot fires straight forward, while the other two fire diagonally from the front corners of each side. These shots ricochet off of the sides of the playing screen. This powerup is given by a red Boss Galaga ladybug.


  • Stage 1-5: Asteroid Zone
  • Stage 6-10: Nebula Zone
  • Stage 11-15: Galaxy Zone
  • Stage 16-20: Space-Plant Zone
  • Stage 21-25: Uchu Flower Zone
  • Stage 26-30: Enemy-Comb Zone


The 2005 release Namco Museum Battle Collection included another game titled Galaga Arrangement. However, it was not the same game. This title was re-released on Xbox 360 in Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade. It was than re-released on the iPhone under the name Galaga Remix. It featured new bosses and weapons, as well as the original Galaga.

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