Galaga Bombs are ships in the Galaga Legions, which fought in the Kuiper Conflict. They have exlosives attached to their sides, making them very dangerous to both enemies, and themselves.


The Galaga Bombs were built by the Galaga Legions and sent off to war in the Kuiper Conflict.

2321:The Kuiper ConflctEdit

They flew with the rest of the Legions in the Kuiper conflict. When AGAD sighted them entering proximity of the UG, they new that the Edgeward Kuiper Belt would be the last line of defence. They launched a squad of AEf-7 Blowneedle to intercept and destroy all traces of Galaga before they passed the Belt. The Galaga Bombs' explosive power was used against the Legions, making them one of several contributing factor to AGAD's victory.

Technical InformationEdit

They have the same build as the Galaga Leader type ship, but with several glowing explosives attached to they're side. The Galaga Bombs are usually at the far end of a group in an attemt to keep from getting shot, but fighter with enough power can chew through the fleet and destroy them without any trouble at all.


The Bombs attached to this Galaga fighter are strong enough to create a powerful chain reaction. The explosives also back up the fighters' natural energy abilities.