Galaga Legion (game)






XBox360 & Nintendo3DS

Galaga Legions is the 7th edition to the Galaga sub-series. Also introduced a new flight pattern(BETA) into the Galaga sub-series.


After the last battles against the Galaga Legions human kind is enjoying a great time of peace. However they don't


know that armadas of Galaxians are forming outside the Solar System at that very moment. But the highest ranking officers in the U.G.S.F. do know and not wanting panic to break out assign AGAD(Basicly the future version of the CIA.) to send whatever they have off to war. But not a whole army since that would be noticed. AGAD comes up with a solution. The AEf-7 Blowneedle, a patrol-ship with 1 unique feature. It's gun-pods. When attached to the ship they act as regular guns but when deployed they can act as extra fighters! Basicly the combat-ship is a one-fighter squadron. But as if that weren't enough bio-mechanical beings called Altes are built to help out in times of battle.

Let the battle begin!


  • Currently Unavailable


  • Galaga Legions was made by the same design team as Pac-Man Championship Edition. Although almost every gaming wizard knows that.
  • Galaga Legions at first was only available for X-Box360 but in summer 2011 it will be released for the Nintendo 3DS.

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