Galaga:Pac-Protector is a Pac-Man-Galaxian/Galaga Crossover.


It's a time of terror for Earth. The Galaga Legions are right outside the atmosphere and are planing to attack. For safety U.G.S.F. fighters are patroling repeatedly in the sky. However Pac-Man who was visiting a friend(Taizo Houri) on Earth needs to get back to Pac-World ASAP however the Space Chute network is closed to all vehicles. But our sphericle hero comes up with an idea roll through the chute. So he sets out only to be assaulted by Galaxian fighters however a patrol ship comes by and destroys the fighters. Now Pac-Man with the help of the patrol ship must make it back.


  • Currently Unavailable


  • The game was originaly called Galaga Remix but another one of the Galaga games was also called that so Namco changed the name to Pac-Protecter since Remix was more of a remix.
  • Guess where the title comes from.
  • The game is for Wii only and is in Namco Museum Remix & Namco Museum Megamix.

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