A Galaga Trap is a Galaga ship in the Legions. It's only appearance is in the Kuiper Conflict.


The Galaga Trap is a Galaga ship that was created for the Kuiper Conflict.

Fall 2307-Summer 2311Edit

The Galaga Trap was lauched with the Galaga Legions in an attempt to overtake the Kuiper Belt and move on towards Earth. Knowing that if the Legions passed the belt they would easily overtake Earth, AGAD sent a squad of AEf-7 Blowneedle to intercept and destroy all Galaga targets. The Galaga Traps' Black Hole weapon was used against the Legions to capture them. Making them one of several contributing factors in AGAD's victory.


It was usually at the center of a group of fighters and would be destroyed with one shot.(Despite it's large size.) Upon destruction it would loose control of it's weapon and it's power would be controllable by others.

Black HoleEdit

The Black Hole is the Galaga Trap's primary weapon. Like the Blaster-Head produced Cyclone-Beam, it would capture targets and use they're guns as automated suport that fired whenever they did. Howver when destroyed the Black Hole would suck in other Galaga fighters. Causing them to work for AGAD.