This is a list of our affiliate Wikis. Every single one.


The sister wiki of Galapedia about, Pac-Man it's currently under construction, & will be open to public as soon as Galapedia's complete.

Video Game WikiEdit

An encyclopedia on Gaming.


VG Wiki was originally run by ISodium. But when he was contacted by Jazzi, they found out that they had the same wiki-topics. So they merged. And are currently running the Video Game Wiki.

LEGO Gaming WikiEdit

A data base on the Lego video-games.


User:Bandicoot-DX created this database for all to know of the LEGO games.

Defender WikiEdit

A Wiki about the epic space series of Defender.


Astragon67 created this wiki for the Defender series.

The Astromech WikiEdit

A Wiki about Astromechs. Real, Fanon, or whatever. By User:R2-47.

BlitWise WikiEdit

A Wiki about game studio, BlitWise Productions, by User:Cryo-X.