"We are the Galaxians! Our Mission: Destroy Aliens!-Galaxian

A Galaxian is a being from the Solar System, and a citizen of the United Galaxy.


Early LifeEdit

Galaxians or Humans are the inhabitants of Earth. They live on almost every planet and lunar body in the galaxy.

2279 and AfterEdit

The Galaxians went to war with the Galaga and haven't ceased yet, but the galaxy has only had a few public encounters with them.

Species CharacteristicsEdit

Galaxians are humans and have verying skin color, but in spite of this they tend to live together in harmony. Galaxians have supreme reflexes and hand-eye cordination which makes them superior to most alien races, even when outnumbered 400,000 to one. Galaxians also have abilties to create extrordinary technology, as seen in their space-craft.

Known GalaxiansEdit

  • A Communications Operator on-duty during the fourth Galaga War.
  • Daniel Heinik
  • A Mechanic who assited in Operation: Star Ixiom.
  • Several Comunications Operators on duty during Operation: Star Ixiom.
  • Unnamed pilot


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