"...and the cause was found. Zolgear!"-Narrator


Galaxian:Attack of the Zolgear is the 3rd game in the Galaxian 3 trilogy, and the fifth game in the Galaxian series and takes places a few years after Gaplus. It brought back the 6-player mode that helped make Project Dragoon a success.


Years after the last war between the United Galaxy Space Force & Galaga Legions the people of the UG have made colonies across the universe. The story starts on a moon known as Zol, where strange things have been happening. Ships have been having trouble taking-off & landing, because of a strange disturbance in the gravity. But the cause is found. Zolgear. Zolgear is an enormous Space-Monster with several others of his species, after going on a rampage and wreaking most of Zol he takes off into space towards the Mother Planet, Exia. If Zolgear attacks Exia he will cause death in the human colonies. The new Team Dragoon must stop this threat.

Mission: Successful Mission: Unsuccessful
Team Dragoon kills Zolgear through one of his internal parts and he starts fragmenting. With him collapsing all around them they fly out of the decaying monster full-speed, and manage to make a narrow escape, as he fragments and baddly damages the envirenmental control site. They fly out of the atmosphere and return to Daidolos, as one of the pilots yells in celebration. The Team tries to hold out but is badly damaged by the monsters, and crash lands in the envirenment nearby before the Dragoon J2 explodes. Nothing then stands between Zolgear, his monsters, and the colony.


Like every other Galaxian 3 title Attack of the Zolgear's gameplay is gunning on the Dragoon at enemy targets, only this time you not blasting robots. Your blasting ugly buggish aliens.(And some not so buggish aliens.) This time you have a little more control over the game though as you can choose an operation to preform in certain areas.(Operation A:Going undersea. Operation B:Flying oversea. etc.) The graphics are also better than the first two titles. The players all share the same health bar, and must aim their guns and fire to destroy their opponents. The game like the other Galaxian 3 titles is an extreme thrill ride. The Boss fight at the end is different then the previous titles though. Instead of trying to destroy five moving targets, the player(s) have put enough hits into a targets armor, shell, then mind to destroy it. This is the only title in the trilogy not to include the detailed endings we're used to.


  • Space
  • Exia
  • Zolgear


  • This is the only Galaxian 3 game to take place after Galaxian & Galaga.
  • This is the only Galaxian 3 game to not have the UIMS as villains.