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Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon is a release in the Galaxian series and was the first FPS(First-Person-Shooter)/Rail Shooter in the series. It is fifth game in the Galaxian sub-series and the earliest story chronology, introducing the UIMS. It is one of the three Galaxian 3 mini-games.


The game takes place when the people of the United Galaxy venture beyond their own galaxy. But when ever a convoy would leave the galaxy they would be attacked by an Unknown Intellectual Mechanized Species(UIMS). Upon hearing this the United Galaxy Space Force kept tabs on the activities of the UIMS. Not long later they found out that a gravitic-canon codenamed Canon-Seed had been built in the galaxy of Epsilon Eridanus. Noticing that it was aimed at Earth, they launched Team Dragoon to destroy the alien threat.


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The Dragoon destroys the Core as a chain reaction starts. The Dragoon then flies out of the Cannon-Seed's mouth and reunites with the rest of the Team at which point they exit Alpha atmosphere and start leaving for the Mother Ship. The Canon-Seed starts exploding rapidly as the various UIMS ground units and object across Alpha start exploding the Canon-Seed then, backfires and destroys Alpha and much of the UIMS fleet. The Dragoon is destroyed and the Core Glows with Gravitic Energy. The Core sends the Gravity up the tube and feeds the Canon-Seed energy allowing it to fire. A Massive bolt of Gravitic Energy passes through Alpha's sky before it streaks across the stars and touches Earth on one it's oceans creating a massive tidal wave before, reducing Earth to chunks smaller than California, and leaving the Moon out of Orbit in space.



Gameplay, with the players assaulting a HammerHead

The gameplay is simple. See the target, Blast the target. The player moves a cross-hair cursor which showswhere they're proton canon is pointed, and when they have they're target in sight they blast it down, cruisers are destroyed by blasting they're cores, or destroying targets on they're side. The player(s) don't have control of the ship, as they're the ships gunners, not the pilots. As the ship flies by other ships they're objective is to shoot down an enemy, before he can shoot you. The game was known for it's flashy special effects, and 1-6(1-21 player in amusement parks.) players campatability. The PS1 version is rather unknown because of slight problems and the fact that it was unreleased outside of Japan.


  • UIMS Fleet
  • Alpha's Surface
  • The Canon-Seed


  • Project Dragoon was originally just known as Galaxian 3 until sequels and variations came out.
  • Several people consider it a rip-off of Nintendo's Star Fox when really it was vice-versa.