Galaxip Dragoon


United Galaxy Space Force


Gunship, Galaxip class


Six Proton Canons


55 Meters(Original form) 88 meters(J2)

The Dragoon is a Galaxip Gunship, in the service of the UGSF. It participated in the UIMS Conflict, & almost single handedly won it.


At some point the Dragoon was created as a Galaxip Gunship, and rolled out to war on a UGSF mothership Daidolos. It's a large enough ship to decend into an astronomical body's gravity field without getting crushed. It's armed with six proton canons, that can damage enemies quickly & easily. Despite it's size it's extremely fast & maneuverable. It's known as a "Stormer" in the UGSF because of it's ability to storm enemy bases and destroy them before the Galaga Legions before they could fully respond. It was later upgraded to Dragoon J2.

Team DragoonEdit

Team Dragoon

The logo of Team Dragoon.

The crew of Dragoon consisted of two pilots(One male, one female.), & seven gunners.(One male leader, the rest unknown.) The male pilot is known to be courages, & always breifs the rest of the team, the female pilot is intelligent & always gets every scrap of info she can find on a mission. The head gunner was cocky & competiteve, and would often taunt the enemies he was gunning down, & enjoy doing it.


  • The Dragoon has four guns instead of six in The Rising of Gourb.

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