The Galbos is a Galaxian flagship.


These Flagships have participated in a few different wars. Such as attacking Earth in the Three Month War, escorting the Demon fighters, & using the attack of the Zolgear as a diversion to attack Exia. They, like the Galagon, have an escort of two other fighters. It typicaly uses Energy Projectiles, and Lasers to attack opponents Galbos are also known to travel at amazing speed. Unlike the Galagon only two are paired with they're armada.(Galagon travel in groups of four with they're armada.) In The Three Month War they'ed sometimes travel disguised as a Zako then when the Zako shell's destroyed, would split into three Galbos which zero-in on they're target.


  • Galbos makes a cameo appearance in Galaga Legions DX if the player selects a certan skin.