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Arcade, Commodore 64, PlayStation, & Nintendo Wii.

Gapus is the 3rd game in the Galaga/Galaxian series it takes key elements from the first 2 games. The story takes place right after Galaxian and right before Galaga.


Right as the Galaxip probe is about to be destroyed by the Galaxians a Gyaraga fighter zooms to the location of the battle obliterating whatever was left of the Galaxians. The fighter was part of the U.G.S.F and was patroling that area because the earlier battle had been picked up on the ship's radar now on the Gyaraga's radar picked up more enemies incoming which were obviously more powerful than the last group. The Galaxip's pilot offered to give the other pilot an extra hand but the Gyaraga's pilot declined so instead the Galaxip stayed back to try and send a message back to the U.S.G.F base after the Gyaraga had held off the enemy for a while the Galaxip managed to send the message to the U.S.G.F base & before they could say "Galaga" the whole of the U.S.G.F.'s fighters were on the scene.


  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Challenging Stage:Bonus
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Challenging Stage:Gaplus
  • Stage 7
  • Stage 8
  • Challenging Stage:Double
  • Stage 10
  • Stage 11
  • Challenging Stage:Triple
  • Stage 13
  • Stage 14
  • Challenging Stage:Good!!
  • Stage 16
  • Stage 17
  • Challenging Stage:Lucky
  • Stage 18
  • Stage 19
  • Challenging Stage:Bye Bye
  • Stage 21
  • Stage 22
  • Challenging Stage:Extend

Each Challenging Stage contains a message to build.(Look next to their level icons.)

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