Galaga Fighter

The Gyaraga is the name of the protagonist ship that appears in Galaga and many of the game's successors. It is the ship that destroys the Galaga army and is the futuristic Earth's mechanical guardian. Due to having the most appearances of all protagonist ships in the Galaxian Franchise, it is considered the series' flagship (but not mascot).

Description Edit

In the original Galaga, the Gyaraga appears as a white bomber. When captured, it turns red, if the player destroys the Boss Galaga that has captured it whilst diving, they will retrieve the captured ship and it will double the size and firepower of the player.

In Gaplus, the Garage retains its original design, but arrives in three pieces.

In Galaga '88, the Gyraga has a notably bigger fuselage than its previous incarnations. It moves faster than the Galaxip, shooting more bullets at a time. In Namco Museum DS, the X button is a rapid fire button. Its dual form is simply two Gyaragas bolted together, while a triple fighter is a huge model of the ship, shooting three different bullets.