The Gyaraku is a high-tech fighter currently in the service of AGAD. It has a fairly fast speed and has several thrusters for moving in all directions as well as one, powerful, frontal, canon.


Gyaraku Battlemode

The Battlemode

The Gyaraku has fairly good speed and mobility, as well as a good weapon. The ship has thick armor which can handle most attacks.(Except in classics) Military usually has them flying in squads of 3-5 fighters. When they fly into combat they unfold their wings into an attack pattern. This methos allows them to preform a linking ability where they fuse electricaly at the wing-tip and fly as one craft. This grants them more canon power. It's unknown exactly how many times they can fuse, but so far the highest amount of times is three.


2281:The Three Month War (Galaga War 2)Edit

Shortly before the start of the war the fighter was created by the United Galaxy Space Force. When the war started it was sent into use. Ownership was later given to AGAD who had just created the P55 Attack Ship which was simaler in basic outline, and had also fought in the war against the Galaga Legion.

2283:The Third Galaga WarEdit

In a battle a Gyaraku and a Galaxip fused to create a more powerful gunship. They then fought in the war with the Ogre-Headers.

2288: The Fourth Galaga WarEdit

Several Gyaraku were dispatched in waves across the warped reality that was caused by the Icems. The four waves crossed space fighting the Galaga, and eventually arrived at the planet before decapitating the Galaga fleet.

Attack of the DemonsEdit

A squad of Gyaraku on patrol ran across a Galaga fleet with the "Demons". A rookie of the squad managed to lead the squad after the death of their leader and defeat the "Demons".

Battle at the CombEdit

When the Galaga King built a set of organic material greenhouses on the bottom of asteroids on the outside of the galaxy AGAD sent several Gyaraku to destroy them. The Gyaraku destroyed the Galaga army as well as the asteroids and the King's giant ship.

The Ships later fought in another war.