"You are one brave human Masuyo!"-A Paccet

Masuyo "Kissy" Tobi


United Galaxy Space Force




Wave-Gun Jet-Pack

Masuyo Tobi(AKA Kissy, for her loving personality.) She enlisted into the UGSF, at some point, and participated in the Battle of Baraduke, with her friend Takky.



At some point Masuyo was born in the Solar System, and enlisted in the UGSF. She later made friends with a rookie Takky.

The Battle of BaradukeEdit

At some point later, Masuyo & Takky were sent on a probe mission to the mysterious planet. Once there they found a paccet who told them that a species on the planet known as the Octi, was menacing his species. Knowing that such a small species wouldn't stand a chance, Masuyo & Takky fought a long hard battle against the Octi, eventually defeating the Octi-Queen and saving the paccets.


Masuyo later married Japanese driller Taizo Hori, & had three children. Most notable being Susumu. Who grew up two be a driller & outmatched even his father's skills in drilling.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Masuyo's couragous, and strong. Never willing to leave anyone behind. She never did calm down. Even after her marrage. Never backing down from a fight. Despite these qualities she was loving & kind. She used a jet-pack for anti-gravity fights, and carried a wave gun.