Mergers were Fighters in the service of the Galaga Legions, that fought in the Dimensional Disruption.



The idea of Mergers was inspired by the UGSF Parsec's fusion ability. They were run by power from sources known as Icems, they were later launched around the M1123 System to Strong-Hold all planets.

The Dimesional DisruptionEdit

During the Dimensional Disruption, Drones were equiped with Icems to Merge and use this ability. Luckily the UGSF had created a new Tri-Parsec to outmatch the enemy. Two of these Mergers were on The Polar Planet, & tried to destroy the UGSF Parsecs but were defeated. They were scraped by the end of the war.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

They were armed with twice the energy projectiles of the usual drone, & could take four times the hits, making them extremely dangerous, but a few well placed hits could destroy them.