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Nanonites are a mechanical species, with the unusual ability to clone themselves. They have the ability to Terra-Form worlds.


Early LifeEdit

Nanobots were created by the UG for terra-form worlds and make them alot more life-friendly to colonists.

The Swarm is RebornEdit

DSE1 took a shipment of these to test on Pluto, however when they reached Pluto and started testing they were ordered to stop testing since the Nanotech was already obsolete, and a more advanced version was going to be tested on star-cluster M1123 by DSE2 "The Centurion," however once near M1123, DSE2 was ambushed and destroyed by the Galaga fleet. The Nanotech was destroyed in the process. In the aftermath of the conflict DSE3 was sent to Alpha Centauri to test an even more advanced batch of Nanotech.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

The Nanobots are capable of cloning themselves and Terra-Forming worlds within mere months, making life in the universe much more suitable. They were capable of doing so faster then the traditional Atmosphere Processors, they are capable of repairing any system or organism by using they're energy abilities on it. Being the size of micro-curcuits, several coul be made. However they're creation was extremely expensive.