The P55 Attack Ship is a fighter craft of extreme speed and abilities. It is armed to the teeth, with the latest technology. The P55 has been used in two conflicts.


2281: Galaxian-Galaga War 2Edit

When a group of updated Galaga fighter entered the galaxy these fighter, along with some Gyaraku fighters were dispatched to deal with the threat. Two of these then drove the remaining fighters back out of the galaxy

2291: The Swarm is RebornEdit

Around 2289 a group of several Galaga fighters was detected incomming from the general are of star-cluster M1123, however the explorer ship DSE2 was ordered to continue on it's course. After leaving the galaxy it was attacked by the Galaga, it escort of P55 Attack Ships was effectively taken by suprise and destroyed, with on P55 Attack Ship in DSE2's fleet remaining.(Since it was on a scout mission elsewhere in that area.) It flew across the reckage fighting the Galaga eventually defeating the small group, it then continued to Saturn to search for the deployed DSE2 escape pods after getting the survivors secured at the colony, it flew across the galaxy defeating the other groups of Galaga. Flying through Europa, Mars, Sol, the Moon, Earth, and eventually defeating the last wave on the Galaga Planetoid.


The P55 Attack ship has an Ion thruster drive allowing it to hit incredible speeds, and travel across the universe faster. It's agile enough to do two barrel rolls in a second. It has a tri-wing configuration which allows it to move much faster. It's also armed with Laser Guns that can fire up to three shots without recharging.


  • The P55 Attack Ship was originally supposed to be the original Galaga ship. But in 2007 it was made it's own ship by the UGSF story team.
  • Even though it's a different ship it still bears simularities with the Gyaraku. (White color, Red cockpit, gun sound effect, etc.)