The Three Month War
A squad of UGSF fighters battling an armada of Galaxians.


A sudden appearance of hostile Galaxians.

Human Losses:

A few minor squads

Galaxian Losses:

Several armada destroyed or missing.

Next War/Battle:

M1123 Chase

The Three Month War was the first battle known to be fought in Galaxian/Galaga history.


Part 1:We are the Galaxians.Edit

While exploring parts of the galaxy a Galaxip probe ran across an armada of alien ships. Before long the probe received a message saying "We are the Galaxians our mission destroy all aliens.". This meant that the probe and it's pilot could be goners. Suddenly a fighter came zooming towards the probe firing many shots. The probe managed to defend itself by launching an energy stick though. After awile the probe managed to destroy the whole armada.


Before the probe could retreat an aramada of more powerful fighters appeared and started attacking. Just when the probe couldn't take any more a UGSF(friendly) fighter showed up and defeated the aramada but more were coming and the two couldn't hold on forever. After a while the group managed to send out a message and, before they could say "Galaxian alert" the whole of the UGSF showed-up.

Part 3:The Three MonthsEdit

After the events of the previous two games the war really kicks into high gear. The Galaxian armada assemble and attack but the UGSF waves launch an attack of their own for three months the wars go back and forth until finally the battered and weary UGSF pilots drive the enemy into retreat and chase them to the edge of the Solar System ending one of the first wars but, they all knew that the Galaga Legions would one day return.

Games that connect to the story.Edit