The weaponry used by, the beings in the universe is usually powerful enough to destroy a rival ship, in one shot. But as tech is always upgraded more powerful weapons are brought into the field, such as the gravitic Canon-Seed, magnetic Cyclone-Beam, & the power-packed Smart-Bomb.

Attack Patterns are various movements that a fighter locks into giving it different perspectives on how to attack a target.

List of Attack PatternsEdit

United Galaxy Space ForceEdit

  • Alpha-A formation that involves the fighter locking into a position where it stay a certain distance from the target, but moves up, down, left, & right.
  • Beta-An attack method where the fighter stays at a certain height, but can charge strait into a target.
  • Gamma-An attack form where the fighter remains a safe distance from the target move left & right, and attacks.
  • Delta-An attack method where the ship locks into an up & down method of attack against enemies.
  • Other-Some ships use a unique method that doesn't have any standard, they just dogfight the enemy.

Galaga LegionsEdit

  • Legion-An attack method where ten armada join.